Where Does the Trash Go in Dallas?

Where Does the Trash Go in Dallas?

Where Does the Trash Go in Dallas?

Dallas residents normally place their trash at their home front curbs, where they are picked up by sanitation workers and most people wonder what happens after the sanitation workers collect their trash. It must be noted that before any bulk trash is taken away from the curb, it must be classified as non-hazardous, which means it must contain any chemical that is harmful to the environment. There are many reports of Dallas residents placing hazardous items such as paints, sheetrock, appliances containing anti-freeze and lumber.

Where to Dispose Your Hazardous Trash in Dallas

Dallas sanitation workers are requesting that residents move hazardous trash from the curb and dispose of them through the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center. The curbside trash collection program was designed for the collection of bulky items such as pieces of broken household furniture and appliances. Residents who follow the curbside trash collection program guidelines will help the region in disposing of up to 7000 tons of trash daily. Though, Dallas has approximately 2000 acres of landfills, just a little over half of this, is filled with collected trash. For more information on how you can be part of the curbside trash collection or dispose of hazardous items efficiently, please contact us at DFW Rolloff.

Trash or Recycle- How to Dispose of Common Household Items in Dallas

When it comes to proper disposal you need to understand how to dispose of different household items properly before they are collected. For instance, items including auto parts, glass, garden hose, hangers, juice pouches, Greasy pizza boxes, K-cups, Styrofoam egg cartons, and household plants must be put in the garbage. Items such as Tires, VCR players, mirrors and windows, Laptops, and E-readers must be recycled at landfills or transfer stations.

Items such as household cleaners, oil filters, and cosmetics must be taken to the chemical collection center. Items like freezers, and refrigerators, must be taken to the landfills only.

Collect Waste Items as Early as Possible

When it comes to trash disposal, perhaps you should consider the fact that you may never be prepared enough to dispose of them properly unless you begin early. Make sure you sort out the trash into different categories so that it will be easier for you to dispose of off the items to their proper final destination. You may have to pay overage fees if you dispose of the wrong item into a dumpster. You may want to contact us for more clarification on this.

We Take Care of Your Waste Disposal Efficiently

There is no better way to handle your waste disposal other than renting a dumpster. A dumpster will help evacuate the waste at once without the need to return, which means you will save time, money and energy. Our services are cost-effective and we provide a guaranty. Please give us a call today and we will help you choose the right dumpster container, give you a quote and deliver the container when due. Once the dumpster has been filled with the junk, we will come and deliver the junk to the landfills and recycle center.

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