Recycling Myths

Recycling Myths

Recycling Myths

There are a lot of myths about recycling that have been debunked and it is important that you are aware of this. One popular myth about recycling is that the energy costs of transporting recyclables negate the benefits of recycling. Though there are costs associated with the environmental and economic aspect of recycling, it only takes a fraction of energy to turn recyclables into usable substances. The energy costs of recycling will therefore not negate its benefits. For proper waste disposal from your home, business premise or construction center, please contact DFW Rolloff and we will be there to help you.

Other Myths about Recycling Debunked

Another myth about recycling that has been debunked is that recyclable plastics often end up in the garbage. Sorting plastics can be difficult in some cases and this assumption may be true to an extent but the truth is that recycled plastics don’t get accepted in landfills, they are accepted in recycling facilities. Contrary to popular belief that recycling may not be important because there will be millions of acres of landfill space available, the reverse is the case. Space is not necessarily an issue but reducing energy consumption is. Recycling will help conserve natural resources hence there will be a reduction in pollution and greenhouse gases.

Other Popular Myths About Recycling, Debunked

One popular myth about recycling is that it causes pollution. In actual sense, recycling helps reduce different kinds of air and water pollutions. While the EPA has set a 35% goal for recycling nationwide, the current average rate of recycling is just 28%. Renting a dumpster for the evacuation of junks from your home or business premise is one sure way to contribute to recycling culture in the country. Many items that can be recycled are being thrown out and these include more than 70% of glass containers.

Many people believe that only white paper can be recycled. It is true that all kinds of papers, including magazines and cardboards, can be recycled, other items can also be recycled. When it comes to papers, those that have been stained with food products and thermal papers used for fax machines cannot be recycled.

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Many people are of the opinion that recycling bins don’t fit into neighborhoods because they are not aesthetic. In reality, recycling bins are not an eyesore when compared to everyday trash. The recycle bins also come in diverse shapes, sizes, and color, you can actually choose one that is aesthetically appealing to you.

If you are planning to renovate your home or clean out your basement or you want to eliminate construction debris, please get a dumpster solution now. With dumpster services, it is very easy to recycle items that are recyclable and it is easy to transport other items to the landfills. Save yourself money, time and energy by contacting DFW Rolloff for your junk removal needs today.

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