Planning a Successful Garage Sale

Planning a Successful Garage Sale

Planning a Successful Garage Sale

The spring and summer months can be the ideal time to have garage sales because of the warm weather and the fact that people tend to go out more. If you are looking for some creative ways to make money this summer or spring season, hosting garage sale can be an ideal option. Keep in mind that you may need a standby roll-off dumpster to take care of junk evacuation especially after the yard sales. You can rely on DFW Rolloff for your dumpster rental in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX and all surrounding areas. The following tips can also help you in hosting a successful garage sale;

Create Your Plan

The first step to a successful garage sale is to have a plan that shows you have a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve. Your plan should include item lists of what you plan to sell, those who will participate in it, and how many days you want to host the garage sale. You need to include a plan on how any waste generated will be evacuated. Pay attention to each task to avoid confusion.

Discover and Organize Your Items for Garage Sale

Once you have created a plan, your next move is to go through your home and sort out items you want to dispose of. You need to do some thorough cleaning and sort out broken, or unused items such as furniture, clothing, toys, books, and accessories. Once you sort out items for sale, simply arrange them in bins and boxes and categorize them before labeling and pricing them. You need to have a minimum sales goal at which you can sell such items.

Advertise the Garage Sale and be Prepared for Flexible Payment Options

Make sure you put several signs on street corners if you want people to attend your garage sales and be ready to accept cash, debit or credit card payments. You may also want to place ads on newspaper and social media to attract more people. Make sure you have a cashbox to handle money at the garage sale and have at least one person to assist you in handling sales.

Clean Up After Garage Sales

Once you close for the garage sales, you may want to count your cash and take stock of the remaining items. You may want to have a dumpster rental service provider to provide you with a roll-off dumpster on-site to get rid of those old items such as boxes, bags, signposts and whatever is left on the garage sale site.

DFW Rolloff Offers Easy and Cost-efficient Dumpster Rental Service

Are you planning a yard sale during the holiday season, or you are looking to clear out your basement or perform home renovation soon, you need to be prepared to evacuate any waste that could be generated after such clear out or garage sales activities? At DFW Rolloff, we offer an effortless way to rent a roll-off dumpster if you can just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will deliver the dumpster when needed and once the debris has been loaded, we will come and pick the dumpster to transport the waste to the landfills. Please give us a call at DFW Rolloff for more information.

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