How to Prevent Illegal Dumping?

How to Prevent Illegal Dumping?

How to Prevent Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping in a dumpster is also referred to as midnight dumping or fly-tipping. It is a process whereby people throw waste into your dumpster without your permission. Rolloff dumpsters on commercial premises and private residences are usually the target of fly-tipping, but there are some ways you can stop this habit. For your reliable dumpster service, please contact us at DFW Rolloff and we will provide a reliable and affordable dumpster rental service to cater to your home or commercial junks.

How to Protect Your Dumpster from Illegal Dumping

The first step you should take is to lock your dumpster container with the right gravity bars. You can also place a warning sign on the dumpster to notify strangers and also inform them that violators of the warning will be prosecuted. You can also build an enclosure where you house your dumpster in a corral with a locked gate but you need to remember to unlock the enclosure during the service days. You can also protect your dumpster bin by checking it daily and instruct your staff to report unexpected debris or oversize content found in the bin. You should consider asking536 your neighbor to notify you of any trash they put in the bin, especially if you share the container with them. You may want to install a security camera to catch culprits throwing debris inside the bin without your consent.

Steps to Protecting Your Rolloff Dumpster Container

The first thing you should do to protect your dumpster container is to place the container in a well-lit area, especially near a street lamp or temporary lightning. Cover the bin by placing a tarp over it when no one is working. If possible, simply fence-off your site by adding a temporary locked fence to keep unwanted people out. You should avoid placing your dumpster on the street and keep the dumpster away from the high-traffic area. Place a warning sign on the fence to warn unwanted users of heavy fines and prosecution. You should consider the installation of security cameras to monitor the dumpster container.

Reporting the Illegal Use of your Dumpster Container

Depending on existing regulations and laws in your region or state, someone caught in the illegal use of your dumpster can be fined or be prosecuted, and this may include jail time. It is important for you to gather all necessary information before reporting an incident to local authorities.

Take note of the location or placement of your dumpster container. Provide the date of the incident and if possible, provide the timeframe of activities around the container. Provide information on the license plate number to help authorities identify the culprit. It is also important that you provide the description of the person or vehicle, these should include the culprit’s physical features, clothing, brand and model of the vehicle.

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