How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

Now that you have clear out the wrapping papers for your Christmas present, you should not forget the Christmas tree. You may be wondering how you can get rid of that giant Christmas tree, DFW Rolloff offers a convenient solution through its dumpster rental services.

When You Should Throw Away That Used Christmas Tree

You should know the right time to dispose of that Christmas tree. The rule of thumb is that you should dispose of the Christmas tree once it starts showing signs of drying out. The reason for this is that drying Christmas trees are fire hazards. For this reason, you should keep your Christmas tree fresh and moist always to prevent drying out.

Another rule is that you should throw away the tree when it starts losing its smell and starts dropping needles. Once the needles start falling off it means the tree is dry and that is the right time to throw it away. Once the Christmas celebrations are gone, make sure you take the lights, ornaments, and decorations away from the tree and keep them safe before throwing away the Christmas tree.

How to Dispose of Your Dry Christmas Tree Properly

Once all the decorations on the Christmas tree have been boxed off, and the lights rolled up with special care, you should get rid of the tree. Just like any other item, the Christmas tree must not be disposed of indiscriminately, to protect the environment. You may want to answer a few questions just before you throw away the Christmas tree.

You may be asking yourself; can I leave the Christmas tree on a curb? The simple truth is that many regions have Christmas tree recycling service where they pick up trees on the curb and the trees will be taken to the chipper to cut them into smaller pieces. If there is no curbside pickup service in your area, please contact DFW Rolloff for a rolloff rental service and we will help you remove the tree.

If you don’t want to throw away the Christmas tree, then you can donate it to the zoo for instance, where some animal enjoys snacking on them. It is also possible to reuse the Christmas tree outside of the home for some other purposes. You can use it for instance to create an animal habitat. It is also possible to compost the tree instead of sending it to the recycling facility. Composting is one of the most ideal ways to protect the environment from indiscriminate disposal of Christmas trees.

DFW Rolloff Offers Unique and Reliable Waste Disposal Service

If you are still confused about what to do with your old Christmas tree, please contact us at DFW Rolloff and rent a dumpster at an affordable price and we will be right there to evacuate the tree. Our services are accessible easily, just give us a call and we will deliver the dumpster of the right size, then call us back once the dumpster has been filled. Contact us at DFW Rolloff today!

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