History of Roll-Off Containers

History of Roll-Off Containers

History of Roll-Off Containers

Rolloff dumpsters have become common sight today, with more homeowners and commercial entities relying on them to evacuate large debris to make their environment safe and healthier. At DFW Rolloff, we rely on the use of standard roll off dumpsters in Dallas to help our clients stay organized by disposing of their junks or debris to landfills and recycling centers efficiently.

History of Waste Disposal

Lots of trash have been created by humans since the beginning of time, but most of these wastes were biodegradable. Other non-biodegradable items like furniture, pottery, and knives were passed down to generations and most wastes were recycled into nature through burning in fire pits or ground burial. With the increase in population, the need for proper waste disposal became a challenge. In major cities of the world, including Paris and London, people were recklessly dumping wastes in public places, a situation that leads to pests and outbreaks of diseases, thus creating a major crisis resulting in the rapid development of waste evacuation process.

The Age of the Beginning of Civilization and Waste Management

At the arrival of the industrial age, most urban areas had become overpopulated, and dirty streets even become a bigger issue. By the mid-1970s, the city of London began a public waste management system where refuse was collected and dispose of in Thames river until it led to an outbreak of cholera in the 19th century and there was an urgent need for more regulations on public health.

The metropolitan board was established towards the end of the 19th century and it began formulating methods for receptacles that will accommodate a large volume of trash from the homes and businesses in London, for onward evacuation.

The Early Options for Garbage Removal

The earliest garbage disposal trucks were large containers on wheels pulled through major cities by horses. Motorized vehicles only surfaced in the early part of the 20th century and that was the era when hydraulic compactors and dumping levers were designed. By the mid of the 1930s, the refuse collection vehicles, including the Dempster dumpster and Garwood Load Parker became prominent and that was the era the modern dumpster began to take shape.

The Post World War 2 Economic Book Called for Advanced Dumpsters

The economy of America witnessed a boom at the end of World War 2 with many families moving into urban cities. Suddenly, more construction projects were popping up in all major cities, and the demand for more efficient waste management and evacuation system became necessary. Today, the early experiments on dumpster containers have given birth to modern roll-off dumpsters that are easier to offload large junks without the need for multiple trips, thus saving time, energy and money.

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