Guide from Small to Large-scale Construction Dumpster Rental

Guide from Small to Large-scale Construction Dumpster Rental

Guide from Small to Large-scale Construction Dumpster Rental

Are you planning a major project that will generate a fair quantity of waste? It is important to have an idea of how to evacuate the trash public waste hauling services are not reliable, therefore your most convenient option is to hire a waste disposal dumpster company or you haul the waste to the local landfill by yourself. Renting a dumpster is cost-effective and with DFW Rolloff, you will get the waste evacuated in the right size of dumpster when scheduled.

What Size of Dumpster Will Your Require?

Perhaps the first question you want to ask yourself is how do I get the right dumpster size? Having an idea of different types of dumpsters can help you make the right choices.

The 6-yard dumpster is one of the smallest around and can handle up to 3000 pounds of wastes which makes it suitable for smaller construction wastes. The 10-yard dumpster can handle up to 4,000 pounds of wastes hence it is suitable for smaller remodeling jobs and garage cleanouts. The 15-yard dumpster can handle wastes from roofing jobs as long as you are generating roughly 5,000 pounds or fewer wastes. The 20-yard dumpster can handle wastes generated from medium-sized construction works. It can handle up to 7,000 pounds of weight conveniently.

The 30-yard dumpster is one of the largest dumpsters around and will conveniently evacuate up to 10,000 pounds of wastes hence it is suitable for large construction jobs such as demolition. Please contact us at DFW Rolloff, for us to help you make the right choice on the ideal dumpster size if your mind is not made up yet.

Materials You cannot Put in a Dumpster

You should consider checking with your dumpster rental service provider if you are unsure of what type of materials that are prohibited from a dumpster. In most cases, items such as tires, railroad tiles, asbestos, inflammable materials and oils, batteries, paints, infectious wastes, and lacquers are few of the Hazardous items prohibited from most landfills. Though tree stumps and mattresses may be placed in dumpsters, some landfills may reject them.

Materials You Can Put in a Dumpster

Some common items you can legally place inside a dumpster include household items such as debris of drywall and lumber, cabinetry, flooring, clothing, and siding. Old appliances may be thrown into the dumpster but some dumpster rental service providers wouldn’t accept old refrigerators because the cooling agent contains toxins that are harmful to the environment. You may want to consider recycling common electronics such as computers, and TVs because the metals can still be very useful.

DFW Rolloff Offers 100% Reliable and Affordable Dumpster Rental Services

Getting your ideal rolloff dumpster services is as easy as picking up the phone right now and calling our staffs at DFW Rolloff. We can schedule emergency dumpster rental for you and we can also schedule weekly, monthly or any other time frame depending on your needs. Give us a call today and we will be right there to help you evacuate your remodeling and construction wastes.

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