Downsize your Home Before a Move

Downsize your Home Before a Move

Downsize your Home Before a Move

If you have a family, living in a large house is necessary. Each family member has their own things and they obviously need somewhere to store them – whether it be clothing or sporting equipment. But large houses come with large bills. If you recently became an empty nester and are looking to downsize your home, you know how overwhelming it can be to declutter your home. That’s why DFW Rolloff is here to help!

You can rent a dumpster in any size so you can easily declutter your home before your move. You may think cleaning out and decluttering your home is easy, but it’s really not. We asked DFW Rolloff team members to give us their best tips for effectively downsizing and decluttering your home. Here’s what they came up with…

4 Tips to Effectively Downsize and Declutter Your Home

1. Go room-by-room

When it comes to cleaning out your home, it can be overwhelming. Months before selling, we recommend you go room-by-room, making piles of what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and what is garbage. If you go room-by-room, cleaning out won’t seem as scary and you can feel accomplished every time you finish a room.

2. Create a ‘get rid of’ plan

After you finished cleaning out your entire house, you should have 3-5 piles of things. Keep, garbage, donate, sell, etc. Once you have your piles figured out and sorted, it’s time to create your action plan. Here are some ideas:

  • Donate: find gently used items that you know aren’t super valuable and bring them to your local donation drop-off center.
  • Sell: Whether it be a garage sale or through online marketplaces, sell the items you know have value and earn some money off the things you no longer want, but still have life left in them.
  • Garbage: If you have things that you know have reached the end of their lifecycle, you can rent a dumpster of any size from DFW Rolloff.
  • Keep: we think one explains itself.

3. Go digital

We know how much you like to keep all paper documents for years, but we’re here to tell you that is a thing of the past. Go through your paperwork and get rid of all your old documents, and switch to paperless documents. This will save you so much space in your smaller home.

Looking for a dumpster to rent? Call DFW Rolloff!

Downsizing and decluttering your home is a lot of work and stress. Rent a dumpster from DFW Rolloff and don’t worry about where all your garbage will go! Preparing for a move can be overwhelming, but here at DFW Rolloff, we make it easier for you.

You can rent our dumpster for as long as you need, and we drop off and pick up the dumpster whenever you’re ready. DFW Rolloff is here to help you downsize easily! Simply give us a call for pricing information, and to schedule your dumpster drop-off.

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